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Anatidaephobia: Out of Milk

A short horror-parody based on the ridiculous phobia, Anatidaephobia.

You're objective...  Go to your local grocery store and buy some milk. That's it. Just go down the street and come back. 

But somethings off... 

You got this small suspicion that you are being watched... by someone... or something...

I don't know... I'm not a story teller.

Game best played at 1920x1080! Everything gets scaled down with higher resolutions! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Twitter - @WasNeverBrandon

I challenged myself to make this game in a week, so this is the final product from a novice game dev.  Thank you!

Release date Mar 19, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Minimalist, Short, Spooky, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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I mean, you do get exactly what you think you'll get of a title like this!

It aint breaking any new grounds of terror, but for a game done in a week, it works very well. And most important of all, it respects the rules of a scary game.

So, I'll say its a good one!


The game is simple, but it's really well made! I love games like this. DUCK.

The outside buildings give me such a strange sense of somehow still being inside lol.  Loved this concept!  Simple, but creepy and fun.

The game is very simple, but very well made. I enjoyed your game and honestly, I didn't expect that ending lol

Gameplay PT-BR


simple and funny


I'm sorry I dont understand the interface.....I clicked on the door but couldnt get out of the room?  Kinda want my 2.00 back lol


nevermind, another commenter helped me out.  Cute.  A little more content would have been nice, but cute.

Nice duck

loved it i cracked up at the end amazing game short but sweet 

The end of game got me lmao

Legit was an unnerving yet funny experience! Would love to see more horror games or longer titles! Keep making them games they're amazing


actually scared me

This was my first ever horror-experience and I loved it!!! Hilarious!

Really entertaining game! It kinda reminded us on the game “one way ticket” 🤔. Maybe it could be more parts of this game and get a sequel. Keep it up!
(1 edit)

This game was honestly kinda scary lol. I'm not afraid of ducks or geese but if I ever see one acting like the one in this game I'd freak out.

Я так и знал что они следят за мной 

I like how gary larson just invented a phobia

I clearly did not know what Anatidaephobia was.. Great game, WAS NOT expecting that ending 

I did not expect that.

This was my gameplay of it.


o noe ducc



I did not expect that 0.0

Welp... found out what anatidaephobia is in a way I wasn't expecting.

oh well look!

This was my first youtube video ever and was so much fun!!! What a cute game

I love checking out phobia games & this one, whilst short, has been the best so far! Very well done for what the phobia is about! Nice work! 

This game was short but fun and I really enjoyed it. I only wish there was more sound effects and stuff xD

What a fun and silly horror game!  You got me with the jump scare pretty good!


what a wonderful welcome back. 3 weeks went by without a video by me and i'm very rusty now but i had fun chasing the duck down. thx for the game!

Really loved this, super fun game!



You ever have a fear that feels so out of place that people might think you're weird if you tell them? Have you ever gone out late to get milk, only to feel like you're being watched the whole time? If either of these are true (or both, I'm not judging you), then you've come to the right simulator....

Anatidaephobia is a game where you learn the true meaning of fear; it's something we all must come to learn, whether you're ready for it or not. Take on the role of the unnamed protagonist leaving in your one bedroom/living room/kitchen apartment as you take on the daunting task of going to get milk late at night. Seems simple right? Well, you can feel those eyes crawling down your spine as the honks of the night echo in your head

All in all, it's a game that teaches us that even the silliest little fears, are really just stop reading this review and run, it's not safe and they know where you live

My playthrough:

This game was funny and actually a bit scary!


Great game but I think it could use some more background noise


i played this game on 19:35

Damn this game is so scary and unexpected 


I had no idea what this phobia actually meant it first. I was totally taken off guard by the ending. Haha. Fun game


Really liked this game, great job!


Never thought a duck could scare me 

good job, keep it up

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